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Today I want to talk about denim jackets since they are a piece that never goes out of fashion, an essential in our wardrobe. How many times have we left home with the wrong jacket and ended being either too hot or too cold?

The denim jacket is the quintessential garment of spring. Fit, oversize, long, cropped, with embroidered details … it’s perfect for any mid season looks! I have had some in my wardrobe since I was young and they never fail me when it comes to choosing my outfits. So far I have always worn one that I bought years ago in Lefties and they are still selling (see number 20), super destroyed and long; I like to match it with long or midi dresses…, but two weeks ago I added to my list of denim jackets the one I bought in Primark and I showed you on my Instagram when I was in Spain.

Unlike the first, this is ‘cropped’ and quite oversize, and from now I can predict that it will be the undisputed star of my seasonal looks. I wanted to combine it with high-waisted trousers and a striped top, but I’m sure it will also look good with any summer dress.

And since you asked me a lot about that jacket, here you have a wide variety of denim jackets of different styles to inspire you when it comes to buying yours. They are all super cool and I hope you love them!

1. Denim jacket

2. Oversize denim jacket with diamonds

3. Cropped denim jacket

4. Embroidered back denim jacket

5. Cropped light wash denim jacket

6. Crystal seam denim jacket

7. Frayed denim jacket

8. Trashed denim jacket

9. Washed black fitted denim jacket

10. Embroidered denim jacket


11. Single trucker denim jacket 

12. Raw hem cropped denim jacket

13. Boxy denim jacket

14. Black cropped denim jacket

15. Stud seam denim jacket

16. Leather denim jacket

17. Faux fur collar denim jacket

18. Wash Contrast Cropped Denim jacket

19. Denim cropped jacket

20. Super destroyed denim jacket


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