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Two weeks ago, I launched a survey on Instagram Stories – while I was at the hairdresser – to find out if you would like me to write a post about my haircare routine. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’. If I’m honest, I had never considered talking about my daily routine or the products I use since I didn’t see it as an interesting topic, but for a while, there are many of you that are asking me more and more about it.


Balayage highlights that bring light to the face

In my family there are many hairdressers; my aunty, my cousin, my mum… so, let’s say, I never went to a hairdresser to get my hair cut as my mother always did it at home. In addition, I have always been against dyes or highlights, so less still needed to go to a beauty salon as such. It was not until last year when, after seeing myself very dark (the consequences of living four years without sun in London) I decided to give some clearer touches to my hair. My cousin María José, who has become my official hairdresser, decided to go for the Balayage highlights, a technique that goes from the roots to the tips and with which you get a more natural and bright look. And this year I repeated again since I loved the result of the last time.

In addition, I decided to cut the ends a tad so that it looked even healthier. When I say this, many of you don’t believe me and the first thing you say to me is “but your hair looks super long!”. It is more than necessary to cut your hair whilst you are letting it grow because it helps to strengthen it and clean up the split ends.

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Natural products from ‘Secretos del Agua’

Once I go to my cousin’s beauty salon, I let myself relax. I trust her and I know she will do well. For several years, she has worked with the brand Secretos del Agua, whose products are free of acids, silicones and petroleum derivatives. They are basically the most advanced in the market and it shows in the result.

I have already told you that I have never dyed my hair; I have never been in favor of the chemical damage that dyes have on hair, nor of the slavery of having to return to the salon every month. As an alternative, Maria applies a natural mud. If you have not yet heard about this, the mud of Secretos del Agua is a healthy and natural coloring, free of ammonia. It brings a lot of shine and durability to the hair and allows you to use it as often as you wish (ideally, apply it every two months).

Then, once at home, the products I use are the following: the nutrient cleaner (shampoo) and the nutrient balm (conditioner), and once every ten days I apply a mask (Agua de Lluvia) for extra hydration. Additionally, the mask from Agua de Lluvia promotes breathing and relaxation of the scalp (ideal for fine hair). While using these products, I have noticed my hair has much more volume and is super hydrated.

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Did you find the post interesting? What would you like me to talk next? Let me know your thoughts and have an amazing Friday!

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My haircare routine: products and tips
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My haircare routine: products and tips
Do I dye my hair? Where am I getting my highlights? What are my favourite hair products? Today's post is all you need to know about my haircare routine!

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