Adidas T-shirt

I can’t believe it’s June already! It’s incredible how time flies… June arrives with lots of things going on… I’m changing my job so its kind of exciting as they expect a lot from me and I want to give my best! Don’t want to fail as I’m getting closer to one of my objectives. … Continue Reading

Zadig & Voltaire timeless Skull

Although I don’t have as many watches as pairs of shoes, I have always liked them and I usually invest in them because I take good care of them. Gold or silver pleated, plastic… I love them! That’s why I don’t want to miss the opportunity to show you my new Zadig & Voltaire watch, … Continue Reading

Trench coat + denim jacket

If you live by the seaside you know how important it is to have the sea close to you. I try to travel to Mallorca every month and a half, two months, to feel the breeze… I must say that I’m getting used to London but this week I have felt an irresistible need to … Continue Reading

While in Copenhagen…

Last weekend was different. I didn’t wake up in London but in Copenhagen. It was my second time in the city and I was planning to make the most of it. The first time I went, December two years ago, we visited the most tourist areas but I felt like being there for another two o … Continue Reading

Feather shacket

Don’t tell me that you didn’t just fall in love with this green feather trim shacket… As soon as I saw it in the store I immediately started to devise hundreds of outfits with it; for instance, with shorts and bare legs when the weather get warmer; with skinny jeans… The truth is it’s a … Continue Reading

Floral print blazer

Friday already! It’s incredible how the time flies… Two days ago we were grunting because it was Monday again and today we are excited to start the weekend. Any plans for these days? I’m going to be working… of course! I should start today’s outfit by saying that I love it… I know that I … Continue Reading

Off the shoulders top + maxi earrings

As you already know, this weekend I have been in Copenhagen with two of my best friends. The truth is I enjoyed it more than the last time I was there a year and a half ago. The weather was amazing! (Danish people told us we were so lucky as the previous days were raining … Continue Reading

Choker knitted top + lace jeans

The outfit I am showing you today won’t go unnoticed. Maybe it’s because of this knitted top, in beige colour with the detail on the neck, or maybe the jeans with front lacing detail for added edge. Whatever it is, this look is made to succeed, don’t you think? Sometimes I think I’ve seen it all in … Continue Reading

Black with a touch of gold

I am already back in London after an amazing weekend in Barcelona. It’s my second ‘Sant Jordi’ in the city and the truth is that I have enjoyed it like never before. I finally met my favourite Spanish writer, Màxim Huerta, and we were able to speak while he signed his new novel; I met … Continue Reading

How to wear a white blazer

Friday again… How are your Easter holidays going? I am spending mine in Mallorca and I can’t be happier; eating mom’s food and enjoying these sunny days with my family. Today I show you an outfit that I photographed a few days before traveling to Mallorca. These last weeks we have been enjoying higher temperatures … Continue Reading