green embroidered sequins jacket

I’m back! Have you missed me? Last time I posted was just a month ago (time goes quickly!), but I told you that I was only going to publish on Instagram during my vacation, basically because I didn’t take my laptop… Please forgive me! Those who follow me on my Social Networks may know that … Continue Reading

A walk around Notting Hill

I’ve never been so fond of Tuesdays as I am today. The reason? Because it’s only a day left to start my holidays! The last time I went to Mallorca was in April and you have no idea how much I miss the island, my whole family and the good weather! I can’t wait to … Continue Reading

Regent Street

London is not just the Big Ben, nor the London Eye. London has not only three beautiful streets, it has many more to lose yourself… London is beautiful by day, but even more so at night. The first street I visited upon arriving in this city, almost four years ago, was Regent Street. Since then, … Continue Reading

pink fever

We dress according to our mood and lately I must be happier because I just want to wear brighter colours all the time. Although it also related to the time of the year… Personally in the summer I try to escape from the darker tones like black, gray or navy blue as they don’t bring … Continue Reading

Linen wrap dress

If the previous look was dominated by softer colours, this one, however, the deep blue is the main protagonist. I wanted to show you some more colourful outfits since the high temperatures last week were unbearable and the only clothes I felt like wearing were dresses! This linen wrap dress from Topshop was perfect! I am … Continue Reading

The girl in a white suit

I won’t say much about today’s outfit because no words are needed. I wanted to show you a more elegant look, since the ones I’m showing you every day are always more casual… That’s why this one is perfect for any event, but not suitable for a wedding, since it is prohibited to wear white! You … Continue Reading

Levi’s t-shirt

Thursday! And only one day left for the long awaited weekend. Any special plans in mind? I’m going to spend it on shootings … I’ll tell you everything about it on Saturday! Today I’d love to show you some of my latest acquisitions. Last Tuesday I went shopping with my sister and I bought this … Continue Reading

Floral prints

Monday! How is your day going? I struggled to wake up a bit this morning after the intensive weekend I had full of parties and work… But here I am again, one more day, to bring your another look! I didn’t buy a set like this in a long time. I first saw the shirt … Continue Reading

Adidas T-shirt

I can’t believe it’s June already! It’s incredible how time flies… June arrives with lots of things going on… I’m changing my job so its kind of exciting as they expect a lot from me and I want to give my best! Don’t want to fail as I’m getting closer to one of my objectives. … Continue Reading

Zadig & Voltaire timeless Skull watch

Although I don’t have as many watches as pairs of shoes, I have always liked them and I usually invest in them because I take good care of them. Gold or silver pleated, plastic… I love them! That’s why I don’t want to miss the opportunity to show you my new Zadig & Voltaire watch, … Continue Reading