Oversized blue shirt

I love discovering new places in London. And best of all is that sometimes it happens just like that, when you’re walking around looking for somewhere else and don’t expect to find such a nice cupcake shop like the one I was a few days ago, for example, located in the heart of Chelsea. I … Continue Reading

Embroidered green shirt

If I’m honest, I still don’t know if what I’m wearing is a shirt or a jacket. I chose to wear it because when it’s closed you can appreciate the details more, but when browsing the networks I have seen other influencers / bloggers wearing it as a jacket. Be that as it may, the charm … Continue Reading

Bell sleeve trench coat

Inditex has done it again. They have designed the perfect trench coat.  The one with lapel collar and double button fastening, side pockets with wide piping and button tab details on the sleeves and belt. It’s the trench coat I’ve been looking for months! Some time ago I showed you this black one (see the … Continue Reading

Vinyl Rock ‘n’ roll

Wow! That’s what I thought when I saw these red vinyl jeans… They’re perfect because they have it all; they fit amazingly well (you already know that Topshop has different lengths and it’s super good for those who are short like me); it’s colour is deep red (you won’t go unnoticed with them) and although … Continue Reading

Leather pleated skirt

It’s already February, 28th! I can’t believe time passes so quickly! It’s unbelievable… Nearly three months ago it was Christmas and I was celebrating New Year’s Eve with my friends here in London, or even blowing my birthday candles… March is upon us and I stop to think about the list of purposes I wrote … Continue Reading

Black & pink shades

As I mentioned to you in the last post, Fashion Week took place in London last weekend and I couldn’t miss it. The outfit I’m showing you today is the one I took for the second day (I forgot to take pictures of the look I wore for the first day but I’ll be wearing … Continue Reading

Shine on: red Mango jumper

Those who follow me on Instagram may already know that last Sunday and yesterday (I love Mondays when I don’t have to work), I had the chance to attend some shows at London Fashion Week. Gold Collagen’s team gave me the opportunity to live from inside everything that was cooked between shows; being with the models … Continue Reading

blue pinstripe suit

Good morning! Friday again! What plans do you have for the weekend? London Fashion Week starts today so I’m going to be quite busy all this weekend. On Sunday I will be attending two fashion shows and most of the time I will be photographing the best street style, so stay tuned to my social … Continue Reading

Make your Valentine’s Day special

St Valentine’s day is upon us and we still don’t know how to surprise our partner, friend or loved ones… And although I am not very keen to celebrate this date (I don’t really understand this day actually, love should be celebrated every day), it’s true that some details or gifts will make the other … Continue Reading

flounce long sleeves blouse

Después de un fin de semana con mis hermanos toca volver a la rutina. Al final no publiqué el pasado viernes porque no paré en todo el día. Estuvimos visitando los puntos más conocidos de la ciudad (London Eye y Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Candem Town, etc) y la verdad es que … Continue Reading