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When Jord Watches’ team contacted me in order to collaborate with me, I was very excited! Why? I love watches and since I was young they have been one of my favourite accessories. I have always liked to be able to choose different designs depending on what I was wearing, although normally I tend to buy them in gold or silver. That’s why I was struck by Jord Watches, an American brand whose designs are the finest natural wood ever created. Hand-crafted authentic wood watches that tell a story … And mine is the one that you are reading right now; when it comes to watches I love them to be comfortable and light because if they’re too heavy I end up taking them off from me. Surprisingly, the design I chose from Jord Watches does not weigh and fits perfectly on my wrist.

I wanted to combine it with some of new acquisitions: this T-shirt in grey colour with the message of “fearless”, from Amazon Fashion; my new white denim skirt from Bershka and my favorite summer platforms, these leather brown suede from Heymo, a local brand. They are ideal, right?

If you like the watches from Jord Watches as much as I do, you can participate in this contest. There will be only one winner, so good luck! See you in a few days!


Watch: Jord Watches / Tee: Amazon fashion // Skirt: Bershka // Shoes: Heymo

All pics by May.

Wooden Wrist Watch

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